Hello everyone,

Miguel pointed me to 2 things that were not solved in the best way and I fixed them and are about to commit:

1) You use engine.add inside the method. I feel that's not correct.
engine.add just add a new state to NPC. It doesn't add text.
Taking it out of themethod fix the problem.

Thanks, I corrected and tested it. Now Eonna returns different text for storage_space on the start of quest and during the quest :)

2) Good too, but null pointer means that there is a problem somewhere else, so better report this as a bug so it is eventually fixed. I report it.

*** OrcishHappyMeal.java 6 Apr 2006 15:45:33 -0000 1.4
--- OrcishHappyMeal.java 27 Apr 2006 18:14:18 -0000 1.5
*** 95,100 ****

 arianne-Bugs-1478270: I changed the constructor of SpeakerNPC so the name is now set on instantiation of the NPC object. The problem was caused by adding the name after the object has already been instantiated and added to the world. I changed all calls for "new SpeakerNPC" and also changed NPCList.add, which doesn't accept the name as a parameter any more, as the name has to be in the NPC object already.

As I had to touch all the NPCs/quests I also fixed arianne-Bugs-1477991 (Tad)

Tested the new version with 50 random % of all NPCs (including Eonna, Tad and the hungry Orc) and it works fine that way.

I can't assign the bug to myself, i'm not in the selection list on the bug edit page so it would be nice if someone reading this would change those bug states.

Thanks and happy weekend,