#178 Stendhal: Golden Crown? or Magic Power?


I have leido about Golden Crown for high levels, is not
so bad the idea but I do not like too much, So that
instead of that not better a rank. That is to say,
instead of arriving at level 100 so that not a rank “A”
and with the power using magic, magic that could be
used with certain arms like the sword of fire or the
one of ice, increasing its attack by a certain time or
a certain amount of blows, or using the magic with
certain things for the defense increasing a little more
the defense, and according to the rank the power of the
magic and the amount to use, for example with the rank
“A” single can be used once, with the “B” 2 times and
so on. The rank can arrive at the “S” according to the
alphabetical order.
I believe that with the rank upper the time or the
damage can last but. In order to recover the magic
certain time would be necessary after its use and thus
to be able to use again it.
I see more attractive this idea, since single Golden
Crown, would seem to me without boring sense and to do
that, to my consideration I would like to gain more
power in the game, and also believe that to the others.
To you they would not like?


  • Jorge

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    Soon we will start moving to a new major release of Stendhal, where magic should appear as it.
    Once magic is there, I think we would be able to dismiss this feature.



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