#1282 Make Daily & Weekly Item Quests Relative to Player Level


Some items on weekly and daily item quests lists may be more difficult of too easy depending on the player's level. Perhaps we could separate the items into different lists for different level ranges.


  • bluelads4


    I'm not sure if the WeeklyItem Quest should be splitted actually. It gives lots of XP and the items on this list are really rare. Splitting the list now and adding lower level items might not be the idea behind the quest.

    The Daily item quests are made for both, low and high level players and should include normal items which you can either buy or collect relatively easy for everyone to get, doesn't matter which level you have.

    Adding here: high level players always have a better chance in a way to get items, although the lower level items which are in the daily item quest tables are sometimes hard to get, too for them because they are not working in the regions anymore in which they can find items. (Like I am always running low on simple weapons like clubs and axes and have to hunt for them, some are not on NPC list to buy/sell and it's hard to find players who will sell them at all)

    So it's in a way balanced as it is now in my point of view. Also remember that lower level players will normally not reach kirdneh that fast and don't need too many of these item collecting quests because they would gain too much xp with that (like if they do kirdneh quest with a low level, they might get too many xp and reach 2 levels probably with that, can't look at the math thingy formular now to confirm wether I'm right or wrong with that).



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