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#1246 Lower the conversion from Wheat to Flour


Hi. One of the things that makes harvesting so tedious is that people have to get so much of it to do anything. Everyone I talk to says its just not worth the time and is a huge time waste for little reward. Its better to just grab the vegies and bypass anything using flour.

Right now the converstion to flour is 5 wheat per flour, then when you make bread you get hit again with a 2 to 1 reduction so to make 1 loaf of bread required 10 squares of wheat. Thats just outright backwards from what it should be if it was anywhere comparable to reality.

In game terms its just horrendously time consuming and tedious and causes people to waste a lot of time and be overly stingy and hostile about wheat.

The atmosphere and quality of the game would be improved significantly if it were brought down to 1 to 1 also eliminating the round off problem of often having to store left over wheat since its such a pain to get.


  • bluelads4


    some time ago we implemented more places at which you can get grain for flour and other stuff. These places are in Fado City and Ados Farm. The system of bringing 5 grain to Jenny for one sack of flour exists now for many many years and didn'T cause problems so far. Flour is at the same time something you can make lots of food with, like bread for sandwiches and crepes in Rat City. So in relation to balancing everything out, reducing the number of flour you need should really be discussed to prevent an overflow in the world.

    Is there maybe another thing which can be implemented for reducing the current problems with grain? Like a quest at which you can get some or anything similar? Just reducing something seems to be quite weird when it was like that for a long time now...





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