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#1167 Creature herding, effects, possible solution.


This is an information post, a request for discussion and a suggested solution.

Recently I have seen large groups of creatures gathered together around common map entry points, like the first level of the Semos Dungeon, the south exits from Semos and other places. The types of creatures have been Gargoyles, Rats, Ogres, Leprechauns and possibly more I haven't encountered. These groups swarm new players when they enter the map, killing them very quickly, unless they think to return to the previous map in time. Not a good experience for a new player. (My wife forcefully explained this to me when it happened to her.)

These creatures' home locations have been carefully placed at safe distances away from the entry points by the map designers with careful attention to game play. But when chasing a PC, they will stop at the map boundary and remain there until another PC attracts them, however many days that takes.

I believe a player or players have taken to 'herding' (or more accurately dragging them) the creatures to these map entry points with the intent of killing the unwary, low-level, new players. A very rude introduction to the game, I think. Perhaps others do not. A subject for discussion.

A possible solution might be to have the creatures self-destruct after being away from their home zone and not sensing a PC for a few minutes. This would move them away from 'choke points' and map entry points while not adding much code complexity or detracting from the usual game play.


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