"Baged" Items

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    Ok, thoughts... Some may like, some may not, ;o)

    Baged items, as there is a slot for 1 item or a group of items like logs this seems incorrectly biased.

    Imagine being able to carry over 100 logs, but at the same time, the same space can be taken by a key, does this mean that the logs are so finitely smaller than a key that 100 logs = 1 key?

    it should be possible to have "sub" holes for items, so scrolls can occupy 1 slot, if you click this slot, your scrolls open to a larger display of whats contained, placing scrolls into this "special" area is drag & drop, as sometimes you may not want a certain scroll (home/return) to be down in a "sub-directory" but still allow multiple "destination" scrolls to be kept and not fill important space that more useful items can be placed...

    <Scroll-Hole> (Scroll Subdirectory)
        |-----Scroll Home
        |-----Scroll DeathMatch
        \-----Scroll Quest
    <Bag-Hole> (one position in bag)
        \-----Jump to Healer

    Scroll hole is not available until you are holding at least 1 (or 2) scrolls...

    Carrying Logs

    Yes, a bag item is ok, but this should also affect your DEX and your walking speed value, imagine again that your carrying 100 logs (not impossible)currently your speed in walking or fighting is not affected due to how much your carrying, whether its a single item or fully laden with Gold, Weapons/Shields and 100 logs...

    Carrying Cloaks could possibly be thought of as the same as scrolls above, as you can roll multiple cloaks up together and just have 1 slot full of all your cloaks

    multiple of 1 cloak, <coloured picture> and count
    multiple of any type, multicoloured cloak, not specifically the matching colours, just to signify multiples, and maybe the count being a letter say M for multi. or a number of cloaks total

    I'll not say about keys, this has been covered. but I'll take some offers to sell some of them I have in the bank ;o)

    • Ummm, about the inventory i think bags will fix most of the problem.
      Marauroa 2.0 will add bags support in a correct way. :)



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