Stendal sheep & wolves - thoughts on behavior

  • kim purnell
    kim purnell

    possible sheep and wolf behavior:

    sheep = random movement
    wolf = strategic - direct movement


    Your own sheep would attempt to keep a certain distance from your position until it incounters an abstruction (for example:  fence, hedgerow, wall).  As you continue to approach it, it will try to move along the obstruction.  It will move across water and through deep forest - but only when pressed.

    When not being pushed along by you it will graze somewhat randomly.  As it randomly comes across tall grass or flowers it will eat them and gain weight (worth), but can also be steered across these items. 

    A sheep when it is within certain proximity of another sheep will begin to approach the other sheep, with less of a random approach as they become nearer the other sheep.  A lone sheep will be attracted to a group and tend to stay within the group.

    Since all sheep look the same, players won't be able to tell thier sheep from others when they are in a flock.  But since your sheep will move away from you, you are able to "cull" your sheep from the herd.  Sheep will make way for other sheep that are being moved by a player. 

    Sheep should be put in a communal pen before player logs off - lest it might be attacked by wolves.


    In the case of wolves approaching sheep or players -movement would appear calculated.

    Wolves would tend to hand out in forest, mainly in and around the wolf cave - making forays - singly and in groups - to attack sheep and players.

    • I wonder how I missed this post... :(

      Yes, it is like that right now, but instead of moving in front of player it moves following the player ( it is simpler ) and I still miss to add the pressed feature. How it should be? attack your sheep? move near it? Left button menu, press?

      The communal aspect is harder to implement, so I prefer to delay it for later.

      It will appear on the next release ( btw I do need GFX for wolf, as I only have a stupid nice looking dog as wolf gfx :P )

    • kim purnell
      kim purnell

      maybe the crook would give you ability to "steer" sheeps as in above example meaning sheeps begin to move away from you when it is enabled. so you could have sheeps just follow you when it is disabled in your inventory.

    • kim purnell
      kim purnell

      possible future thing to do with sheep:
      sacrifice for supernatural powers (magic or religion)

    • Ragnar-GD

      Strange... this post didn`t appear in my mailbox...

      Miguel, just in between: What is in the queue, before You`ll call Marauroa 1.0?

      • Nothing more at Marauroa. I just need to make sure everything is working correctly before a 1.0 release of Marauroa.

        I have projected some changes for Marauroa that hopefully will improve even more the size of world available, i am going to add transparents change of zones so huge world can be created without damaging too much the performance.

        Fortunatelly no changes will be requiered at client with those changes.

        Also I plan to redocument everything and to add examples, so it is more useful.

        On the later time I plan to split the server in login server and game server, so it is possible to run several game servers to host really big worlds, but think of it as Marauroa 3.0 :)

    • Ragnar-GD

      ...and i seriously hope i can join the fun when i\m back (my, this keyboard su**s). later...

      • kim purnell
        kim purnell

        where have you been?



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