No relationships between tables?

  • Is there a good reason to have all database tables without relationships be tween them? Looks like the database integrity controls are software driven instead of db engine driven.

  • No, there is no good reason.

  • Is this something the team is against? I thought it was a design decision. Are you guys willing to take a patch on that? Should be only a DB upgrade thing.

  • Hehe, I listened to several beeps on my ears and I decided to check email :)
    Happy xmas to all by the way.

    There is no relations in DB tables mainly because I coded the simplest and fastest (to do) thing. I suppose that after time, as hendrik rewrote most of the database code (mess),  decided not to change what was working.

    The original tables were more complex and I didn't want problems with database stuff ( apart of the problems other things were doing ).

  • I am fine with adding not null constraints and foreign keys. Provided that it works on both MySQL and H2.

    Changing the table structure of gameEvents and itemlog by replacing the character name with a character id, however, does not seem to be worth the trouble. It would require to take offline for a couple of days.

  • So should I provide a patch? I already have those changes and have to test it anyways in both DB engines.



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