How to run Marauroa in Linux

  • Hello Java,

    on Linux the character to separate classpath-elements is : instead of ; on Windows. So it should look like this:

    java -cp .:marauroa-3.8.6.jar:libs/h2.jar:libs/log4j.jar:game.jar marauroa.server.marauroad
  • Katie Russell
    Katie Russell

    Hi Javy,

    From what I've seen, filename endings in Linux seem more to be for your own mental wellbeing than really denoting the file type. .sh is fine.

    Whatever you choose to name the file, marauroad,, marauroad.banana, you would need to make it executable like:

    cd /along/the/path/to/file/
    chmod u+x

    Then you can execute it from the terminal with

  • I knew I was missing a permission. I was getting permission errors. Hopefully my application can change those.

    I have something in the works that I will be able to share soon, a Marauroa Application server manager…

    Thanks Kymara!



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