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Problem running marauroa 0.70

  • Takver

    Hi all,
    I downloaded and compiled marauroa version .70 following the instructions
    on the site.

    Trying to run it I get a class not found exception:
      > java -cp ".;stendhal-server-0.70.jar;marauroa.jar;jython.jar;mysql-connector.jar;log4j.jar" marauroa.server.marauroad -c marauroa.ini -l
    Marauroa - arianne's open source multiplayer online framework for game development -
    Running on version 1.12
    (C) 1999-2005 Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

    Exception in thread "marauroad" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: marauroa/server/game/db/JDBCDatabase

    It seems that I miss something basic, could you give me some hits?

    BTW, on the same environment version binaries .61 that I downloaded works fine.


    • Katie Russell
      Katie Russell

      Hi takver, I think you mean stendhal version 0.70 not marauroa version 0.70.

      Anyway, which marauroa.jar are you using with the 0.70 files? You need the latest from CVS head, which runs marauroa 2.0. Stendhal 0.62 and below ran marauroa 1.34 and this in the version on the jar included in those packages.

      You also need to update your log4j.jar for stendhal 0.70. Both are found here:

      P.s. don't forget you need to run the generateINI again with this different marauroa.jar - the old database you had for 0.61 won't be compatible with the new one. Should be explained in the readme.

      Thanks :) let us know if you have any trouble, if you use IRC try #arianne on



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