Is there a way of reading private attributes?

  • I'm trying to get a private attribute at the client side (a player's key) I thought it would be visible in the onMyRPObject but is not.

    This key is only meant for that player for encryption purposes.

    • It should be visible there.
      A private attribute of your own player will be visible on onMyRPObject if it has been added or changed.
      Make sure you did notify about modification.

    • For some reason it's not. If I change the field to volatile for example I'm able to catch it.

      Any ideas?

      • Sorry for late reply.
        Is there any source code that expose the problem?

    • Thanks! I was able to fix the issue. I was trying to retrieve the field outside of the onMyRPObject (calling a method from the mentioned function).

      Just moved the logic withing the method and it works!



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