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New to developing

  • Philip Devine
    Philip Devine

    Hi everyone! I stumbled upon this game on a list of top open-source games that are out right now, and I can see why!  I am drawn in by the relaxed but non-ambiguous gameplay and questing, and also by how active and passionate you developers are.  Now for the question/request:  I would like to start contributing in some way, I noticed some of this is java based and I have a good amount of experience in that area.  Where would be a good place to start?  Thanks in advance everyone!

  • Jack_Rabbit

    Hi, I'll just use "thekroge"s post to introduce myself as well.
    I am a student in 2nd year and for a coursework assignment we have to find a project
    and start getting into proper development. I basically stumbled upon Arianne RPG as well
    and since I've always wanted to work in game development I thought this would be a good start :)
    I have some experience with Java, a bit of C++ and over the summer I wrote tutorials for lua (a scripting language)
    so I hope I can be of some help ;)




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