Realmics - game based on Arianne

  • Rui P. Costa
    Rui P. Costa


    I'm starting to develop a new game. In this game the players have to guess the other players answers to questions like: "Is an apple a fruit?" (see a draft here\). This question is quite simple to answer, however there are others much more difficult. The answers given by the players will be used in order to develop more intelligent computer systems, this is an approach similar to the famous ESP game. The idea is to use human computing to solve questions that are actually quite difficult to the computers.

    You can see a draft of the architecture here

    1. To have success this game have to be easily playable through a browser (java) and scalable (hundreds of players at the same time). To obtain this scalability I need to communicate in a peer2peer fashion. Each player belongs to a room (realm) and the idea is that the server gives the questions when the game begins, after this all the communication is made within the room between the players, when the game ends the players send the results to the server. How can I obtain this p2p communication in Arianne? I though about including in clients a server side.. The main problems here are the firewalls and NATs.. What can I solve this problem?

    2. After a survey for the open-source online multiplayer game engines available I decided to use Arianne. I actually have the Eclipse configured with stendhal server and client, and I'm thinking about starting from there. Do you think that this is the best starting point?

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    Rui  Costa

    • The first link is broken. Keep the server side at the server but make heavy processing at the client. hats basically how Stendhal works IMO.

      • No, in fact Stendhal works by not trusting client at all.
        Basically, client is just a rendered and gets input to server.
        Everything is computed at server side.

        This is the safe correct way of doing things, although it of course limit the number of players.

    • 1. No Arianne is not p2p and doesn't target to p2p mainly because the problems you pointed.
      Anyway, as your game is really simple ( just query for question-answers, send players and get the reply ) it should fit Marauroa for thousands of players. On the other hand we have never tried the engine to such limits, so you may find that it slow you down on such big numbers. If that would be the case I would be extremly happy to help to speed it up.



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