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Supporters Meeting tonight Tuesday 3 June

  • Katie Russell
    Katie Russell

    Hi, at 17.30 UTC+1 in #arianne irc.freenode.net we will have a meeting to discuss aspects of support and admin within Stendhal. We expect to it to be fairly short, hopefully an hour or less.

    I will make meeting logs and place on the wiki page after we're done, and as usual the channel will be logged at  http://xplanner.homelinux.net/arianne_log

    If you are interested feel free to attend!

    A developers meeting is also planned for the near future, please keep your eye out for updates on this.

    Thank you,

    • i would like to have all contributors/supporter register themselves at
      it would make it easier to me to explain how to work with it :-)
      you need to provide a valid email there.

      proposed Schedule

      1) current annoyances with users:
          -how to deal with it
          -what must be coordinated
          -what tools are needed for coordination
          -what tools are needed for investigation / what do we need to investigate
      2) game events:
          -which are done already
          -which would be nice
          -what tools are needed
      3) communication between Game Master
          - status (what is good , what could be better?)
          - who decides which admin power to give to whom
          - do we need a 'last instance'?
      4) introduction to plone XP planning



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