Stendhal features: Meeting content & proposal

  • Hi all,

    I think a good time for doing the meeting would be Sunday afternoon. At
    16:00 GMT+0
    We will use IRC channel #arianne
    You can check times at

    Ok, I just detail a bit what IMHO are the next steps we should take. I want
    to make clear that these are the goals I think are more important, but it is
    needed your collaboration to decide a common set of goals and work on them
    to achieve 0.60 as best as possible.

    I split the list in two: one set of tasks very important to improve the
    quality of the game and another set of task to improve the gameplay of the

    1) Important task
    - Speed up creatures.
    Redesign, recode, optimize and detach logic so it doesn't need to be called
    once per turn.

    - Fix A* bug ( creatures line up on attack )
    It shouldn't be a hard to fix bug... but it is showing resistent. :-(

    - Rework map system
    Actual system show several limitations:
    * We can't have different tilesets depending on the map.
    * We need to check by hand the zone limits.
    * It is hard to create big things.
    * Based on a very limited file format ( xstend )
    We should start using tmx for files on server directly and make the server
    guess what each tileset is for.

    - Reduce client memory usage
    Loading all the tilesets make the client waste lots of memory.
    We can unload a tileset once it has been split ( because now it keeps in
    memory ).

    - GUI improvements
    Our client lacks of the appeareance that would make the project looks more
    We are missing several things right now, mainly:
    * Split stackable items
    * Trade
    * Better chat system

    - Different chat channels
    With at least a global channel.
    Chat is really suffering from out of sync perceptions as for some persons it
    is not even possible to talk or miss messages. We should find a way of
    solving this that surely involves marauroa and has to do with guaranted

    - NPC crosses zones
    NPC should be able to follow a player changing zones as players does.

    - Automatically resize zones
    Stendhal should be able to split zones for game play with best suits the
    server features.
    Some maps, as kobolds area, are a big for a single map but splitting in
    tiled is not the best solution.
    IMHO we should move towards a big single map ( made of many small maps if
    you want ) but the editor should provide us the illusion of a single big map
    ( IMHO ).

    - Rework position system.
    This is a very important issues if we want to add different speeds to
    players and it we want to implement the above two items. We need to move to
    a global coordinate system and make sure players can have different speeds.
    I am not sure how to do the last part.
    If you see Tibia ( my source of inspirations :P ) you see that players move
    fasters than others BUT they move a single tile on a click... old stendhal
    allowed players to move 0.5 tile and that was not good really.

    - Allow some attributes ( List type? ) to get multiple values.
    This happens for text and private text.
    It will happen for damage too when we add area spells.
    This should be fixed at Marauroa level ( IMHO ).

    - Marauroa scheduler is a nonsense.
    Due to the design of Stendhal the scheduler can be simplified a lot.
    Most games will also benefict from the simplification ( I can handle this
    one ).

    - Start to think about server paralelization.
    Due to the way server works ( each RPZone is independient ) we can really
    and safely think about paralelize stendhal a bit. I expect this to be needed
    LATER when Creatures are redesigned and optimized and we still find the turn
    time limit there.

    - Improve persistence.
    There are two types of relations with object that right now are simplified
    in one: RPSlot.
    We should add a new one called RPLink that is used for objects like sheeps,
    houses, bank, etc...
    That represents the relation in a new different way.

    - Remove python support.
    It is a nonsense to have Groovy and Python.
    I suggest to push more on the groovy direction by porting something to
    Groovy scripts, for example areas loaded, quest loaded, creatures data and
    behaviours, etc...

    2) Gameplay tasks
    We need to keep in mind also that Stendhal is a game to play and have fun (
    playing it! not coding ).
    So we would need to center also on some players' desires.

    - Raids
    Athanas is now doing a great job with that, but now that we have groovy
    scripts we can improve it and automatize it. Once NPC can cross zones and AI
    is improved we can even make the raid to come from some areas to another
    area like Ados walls.
    This feature would be really welcome by top players and would add a nice
    thing to game.

    - Games: Capture the flag and Conquer the hill
    Two smalls games that shouldn't be hard to code with a groovy script.

    - Magic spells
    Jo added scrolls, we should now use that code and extend to common game

    - Destructable items and propierties
    This feature has lots of potential if you join it with raids :)
    Player would HAVE to fight for ther possesions.

    - Run
    Players want to move faster. ( Speed feature above ).

    - New RP system.
    With more or less success Danter were working on a new RP that is somewhat
    detailed in Wiki and that resembles Ragnarok Online.
    We should center on providing at least:
    * Classes
    * Better creature balance
    * Items
    * Spells
    * Improved combat

    - Add Players propierties
    Houses, animals, etc...
    It should be related to RPLink feature.

    That's my vision.
    I would love to read critics, additions or just comments.

    So if you want to come to IRC on Sunday, 18 at 16:00 GMT we can talk more
    about this and create a new better list that takes everyone interests in




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