• Hi all...

    Very neat what you folks are doing... I've had an idea for about 1.5 years on a SCI-FI based MMORPG... Developed the story, got the main chr. created, but no cash... Well, thats not true, I've spent some money for writers and graphics / marketing people, but that's nothing compared to what a full fledged game would cost...

    SO, my question is, could this system be modified to work with a SCI-FI based system?

    Thanks in advanced...

    Michael Gaskin
    Jumpstation Internet, Inc.

    • Peter Gantner
      Peter Gantner

      This answer is by no way authorative, just MHO.

      But the answer is: yes. It _could_ be modified to work with _any_ kind of world. Arianne basically provides a framework/engine to generate online RPGs. Right now its context ("world") is targeted towrads a fantasy scenario though.

      But if you are really into this, you could start another content "branch" for a sci-fi world.

      You should consult he arianne-general and/or arianne-world mailing lists for details.

    • Thanks Peter, I will...


      Michael Gaskin
      Jumpstation Internet, Inc.

    • Yes, of course you can.
      Arianne is a MMORPG Engine, the whole code does no assumptions about what kind of game ( even RPG or not ) are you doing.



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