Wake Up Miguel!!!

  • Remember, your work is appreciated!

    Marauroa/Ariannexp is the only free available multiplayer framework!

    Worldforge.net is a mess, and other solutions does not exist at all! Your middleware is important to the open source multiplayer scene!

    • Ooh, no absolutely no.
      Worldforge is a mess but it is a great platform. IMO it only lacks of the proper "light" about what to choose to play a bit.

      Arianne is no way aims such a high objetives as Worldforge does, but to create a simple and small framework for multiplayer online games.

      Think of arianne as a simpler mini-Worldforge ( although arianne works in a different way of Worldforge ).

      BTW If someone offers to do my real life work I will code faster and better :D

    • Ehm... you stimulated my ideas now...

      So please write here that "light" that the website lacks..

      What can be chosen to play a bit... expecially for making a medium large world with forests, towns and so on, with  at max 1000 pg connected?

      I'm really interested!

      • LOL, I am also in darkness.
        Personally I find Worldforge too big to be understood unless you are introducted to it by someone. I think that there is a lack of guideance or documentation that shows you how to create a simple small game.

        You should try the IRC channel of Worldforge and ask there for help.

    • Actually there is another free MMORPG framework. That's PlaneShift. The game artwork and so is not free but the source code of the engine is fully free (uses GPL). Check out http://sf.net/projects/planeshift to check it out.


    • Ragnar-GD

      I hate to correct you, but Planeshift (look for Adress at Arianne WiKi) is alive and kicking, already in open beta, and looks, well, like a Everquest-Clone (by optics, that is).
      Still, if you want to *make* a game, and not only take part in a statistical role, you still only have Arianne and Worldforge.
      Besides this three, there are only announcements, with nothing to see (there was Majik3D, but that one seems to have died within the last 6 month, homepage is gone etc.)

      • I have never tried Planeshift. I think I should.

        But there are many more open source MORPG games around the internet. Arkanae, Nevrax, Crossfire, ...

        Personally the fact is *simply* that I get fun coding arianne, so for me it is a hobby, not a race, a job or a task. And I would choose Worldforge as a base for my work if I would need it right now, as seems in my opinion more suportive with other developers and more bazaar like.

        My 2 € cents

        • Ragnar-GD

          I tried developing on them, while toying around with my animation-stuff. I have high respect for Planeshift, as it's the only *M* *M* *O* *R* *P* *G*, that can be used to make an own game (besides the artistic stuff - but hey, we have own stuff, so we could even get going, no prob).
          All others (among those you mentioned), are either not massively, not online, not rpg, or *I* could not develop with the stuff given, because it's not modular, etc.
          And Worldforge is, well, Worldforge. It's more an idea, and less a practical framework. The existing client-server-stuff is quite opaque.
          I don't know if I can some day get my own game running, but without Arianne, I can't for today - only planeshift offers enough fundament to have a try otherwise. It's not as if I haven't tried out twentysomething games before.
          So: PLEASE get going, Miguel... :-)



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