• Ragnar-GD

    When looking at the developement from Mapacman to Stendhal, extrapolating speed of developement and quality, next release from Arianne team will make Diablo II guard its back... :-)
    Kudos, friends!
    P.S.: We are sharpening our knives to port Gladiator to new engine. Any hint of current status of next-generation Marauroa?

    • Thanks :D

      Marauroa is ready, but please give me 2 weeks for doing a release and testing with stendhal the very basic features that I added.

      Interfaces seems frozen, but please give me just 2 weeks to make sure that everything works at least as expected.

    • Ragnar-GD

      We need three to four weeks to be workable anyway (organizing, CVS and stuff), so that's good enough news for us.
      Oh, and yes, besides recruitement locally, I'm also getting into contact with german WorldForge-people (approximately in April, perhaps even sooner), to exchange experiences. I'm not sure if this is of a benefit practically, but it most probably won't hurt, either.
      Apart from practical work, I'm also re-structuring the "Whitepaper", getting away from a pure "ruleplaying"-work, to get it into a kind of "layer" between engine, content and community.
      For that, it has been very inspirational to join the Planeshift-Forums.
      PS made big progress in technical terms, and their engine is astoundingly stable, and good playable even with great lag on the network.
      On the other side, I think they even now appear helpless with the usual sydroms of MMORPGs, that is, powergamers, lack of content and gamemasters, and, probably later, griefers. If they do not redesign the gameplay-part, I fear they will be in big trouble, once the 1337 will arrive... :-(
      I think that our approach of starting with small, but focused games, and growing with each new game, is more promising in the long run, and already showing.
      Showing mapacman and its documentation proved very helpful for getting devs interested... ;-)

      • ok, better.
        I am waiting for zzorn to come with a GUI for Stendhal, and once it is working on a minimum, we will release stendhal 0.01 and marauroa 0.90

        I will keep developing both stendhal and marauroa and when we see that it meets the requirements for stendhal I will promote marauroa to 1.00

        Going the big way from the begining can be VERY hard, and I know because I tried :)
        Doing very small, and often releases that add a simple extra feature seems to me a better approach to develop something so big as a MORPG.

        Wait to see Stendhal documentation :)
        Steve is working in improving Mapacman docs, and using that we will write a Stendhal version of the manual.



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