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#234 Zone danger levels

Kimmo Rundelin

A suggested method of of calculating zone danger levels:

Please check that the suggested danger levels are reasonable (blue column),

How should it be communicated to the user? Two possible ways to show the relative danger to the user as attachments. Something completely different?


  • kosch

    Is this supposed to users which Level = DEF = ATK ?
    If mentioned at dev.meeting already - never mind.
    if not: kosch (2 levels ago) really fast died at oni palace.
    Kalavan Castle Basement e.g. could also suffer much pains for most people on lvl 107 - if they get unlucky.

    To communicate this to the user you should add a short line or overlayer to the minimap. "Map-Level = XXX"

    Maybe add an flashing, circled and red "!" when a player trys to enter a map for higher level. And a sentence -coming as info- "here might be dangerous creatures".

  • Katie Russell
    Katie Russell

    For the two mockups there so far, my preference was symbolic, because of colour blindness and already having quite a few scale bars for player related data (hp, karma, groups hp). putting it with the zone name in the black bar rather than player data is a very good idea as it's about the zone. but i think i''d rather have the skulls half the height, and not behind the text.

  • Katie Russell
    Katie Russell

    About messages when you enter the zone - there are already quite a few of those early on when you get tutorial messages. I don't want to flood players either. but the first time you enter a zone that is fairly dangerous for you, maybe a tutorial message could explain the skulls to you (incase you didn't notice them yet). there is already a message for -2 semos dungeon which says that as you explore further the levels get more dangerous, for example.



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