#5770 Corpses keep gates open

Rich McGrew

Gates, such as the gate to the wolf den that has a teddy in it in Semos Plains North, can be kept open by putting corpses there. Specifically, I can place corpses next to the gate to the wolf den, then open the gate and be standing in it with my character, and move the corpses underneath myself. Then after I move away, the gate will stay open by itself, with the corpses keeping it open. Then if I walk out of the wolf den and get some wolves to follow me, they can wreak havoc outside of the wolf den (which they are supposed to stay inside of). For example, I could walk south, with a large number of wolves following me, toward an exit to Semos city, and then the next person to exit Semos city out that northern exit would be simultaneously attacked by a horde of wolves, which, if they are a very low level, could kill them. The obvious solution to this is, corpses should not keep gates open. A gate that is on the same tile as a corpse should close as usual if nobody alive is standing there or trying to get through. This will prevent monsters from escaping gated areas that they are not meant to escape from.


  • Anonymous

    Is it really necessary to take this much precaution? I mean If someone really wanted to pull the wolfs out of the pen, it's just as possible, though a bit more work than using a corpses, to simply open the gate for them.


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