#3647 privacy issue with /script ListUnknownWords.class


after executing the unknown words script last night, i saw that there were several words there from conversations between myself and a couple other chars... we were surprised to find that our conversations were being recorded somehow... something about npcs 'attending' - i dont know what that means, but these conversations were about in game issues current and future - and after discussing with one of the other parties, it was determined to enter a bug report about it.. maybe this is not something that should be happening... ok, i have entered bug report...


  • Katie Russell
    Katie Russell

    • summary: privacy issue --> privacy issue with /script ListUnknownWords.class
  • Katie Russell
    Katie Russell

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    to add to this: of course we know that all gameEvents are logged and thus theoretically what we say in game is not private from admin with access to the db. however this is a very very small group of people in the case of most servers, while significantly more people could have adminlevel 1000 to allow them to run scripts, and this can be done in game without require access to server and db itself. Again, of course only very trusted people are given adminlevel 1000 (at least on the main server) but this is not likely true for all servers.

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    As far as I know public conversations are recorded for two days for game management.
    Anyway if NPCs can listen to other users ( public ) conversations you can think about it just like Google read your email to serve you ads, just that this game has no ads.

    I close the bug.
    Please feel free to reopen it if you have any question.

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