#2676 Marauroa: Improve Slots


[17:06] <Kawn> mmm.. there any bug at bags? (containers) I only can move (inside the bag) a item once time..
[17:07] <Kawn> by the way, i cant use a item (inside bag) by doublecliking
[17:07] <mblanch> I think I don't understand
[17:07] <mblanch> Kawn: yes, the later is know :(
[17:08] <Kawn> ok xD lets try in spanish XD
[17:08] <Kawn> Por ejemplo, tienes 3 items dentro de la bolsa
[17:08] <mblanch> si
[17:08] <Kawn> pero solo los puedes mover una vez, es decir, reordenarlos dentro, una sola vez
[17:09] <mblanch> Ah!, vale, que tiras uno dentro de la misma bolsa y solo se reordenan una vez, no?
[17:09] <Kawn> exacto
[17:09] <mblanch> Ah, pues es un feature :P
[17:09] <Kawn> y eso? XD
[17:09] <mblanch> I want to improve the way slots work in Marauroa 2.0
[17:09] <Kawn> ok xD
[17:10] <mblanch> Actually slots resort because it is Map
[17:10] <mblanch> i plan slots to be something like a Vector
[17:10] <mblanch> so in a position of the slot ( bag ) there is a item or there is not.
[17:10] <mblanch> But they will not resort themselves.
[17:10] <mblanch> Anyway... equipment code at Stendhal is at least ( saying with soft words ) *weak*
[17:13] <Kawn> oki oki, i see XD


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    [17:56] <danter^> ok, I was wondering about that mail on devlist
    [17:57] <danter^> does it mean that you can sort your bags, just as you want it, with empty slots in the middle of the bag?
    [17:57] <danter^> bag*
    [17:57] <mblanch> Yes
    [17:58] <danter^> ok, then I defently think that it should be implemented, also... maybe consider some way that you can upgrade the maximum amount of bag slots that you have
    [17:58] <mblanch> danter^: you can have as much as wanted, the limit is on the GUI part
    [17:59] <danter^> ok, then maybe limit it on server instead?
    [17:59] <danter^> and allow some upgrade instead
    [17:59] <mblanch> Ummm, we can't draw 100 slots on Bag for example
    [17:59] <mblanch> it would take the whole screen
    [17:59] <danter^> othervise, people who make a custom client can carry arround all the items they want
    [18:00] <mblanch> oh, no, it is game-limited at server
    [18:00] <danter^> scroll?
    [18:00] <mblanch> in fact limited to what you see on client
    [18:00] <danter^> scrolling*
    [18:00] <danter^> ok
    [18:00] <mblanch> yes, scrolling... but need to be coded.
    [18:00] <danter^> anyways,
    [18:00] <danter^> then it gets back to the possibility of upgrading the bag or something instead
    [18:01] <danter^> before we didnt have that many items, but now we are starting to get alot of quest items and stuff, that you must have in the inventory
    [18:01] <danter^> so the ammount of slots that is needed is increased now, compared to before
    [18:01] <mblanch> yes, I am on it
    [18:02] <mblanch> On next major release we will have bags ( that can contain items but take just one slot )
    [18:02] <mblanch> bbl, my wife parents are here
    [18:02] <danter^> hehe, ok
    [18:02] <danter^> well, I defently think the bag should be able to be sorted... and now I have said what I think atleast ;)
    [18:03] <danter^> then you can personally place quest items in that corner, potions and other curative items in another corner
    [18:03] <danter^> and so on

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    I won't fix.
    Most of the points related in the two comments are related to Stendhal.
    So the problem should be fixed there.

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