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Argo 2.0 released

I'm pleased to announce the release of Argo 2.0. There are two significant features in this release:

  • A major improvement in parsing performance (30% quicker for the performance test suite when run on my machine)
  • Removal of deprecated methods from previous releases (hence the major version change)
Posted by Mark Slater 2010-10-24

Argo 1.8 released

The latest release of Argo adds much improved exception messages if a requested path in a JDOM tree does not exist.

Posted by Mark Slater 2010-05-28

Argo version 1.7 released

Includes new methods to verify the structure of a piece of JSON, improved names for methods to get nodes from a piece of JSON, and the ability to get arrays and objects allowing for them to be null.

Posted by Mark Slater 2010-04-25

Version 1.4 released

Includes a tweak to JSON formatting to make it a bit neater, and a chunk of additional javadoc.

Posted by Mark Slater 2010-04-11

Version 1.2 released

New additions to API to make parsing easier - JsonNodes now include methods to get the values of subnodes in a single call, without having to resort to JsonNodeSelectors.

Posted by Mark Slater 2010-04-05

Version 1.1 released

Release to fix bug id 2907560 affecting parsing of numbers between zero and one.

Posted by Mark Slater 2009-12-02

Version 1.0 released

I'm pleased to announce the first production version of Argo is now available. This includes:

  • Document based JSON parsing
  • Pull based JSON parsing
  • Push based JSON parsing
  • JSON output and formatting

The past few days have been spent pulling together documentation and examples - all available on the project site,

Posted by Mark Slater 2009-08-26