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#172 ares not connecting

chris pegg

how come this is still not connecting for 1 year as i been wating for this to be fix or the server to be back online...

if so what is going on and where the guys to update this ares p2p???


  • I'm experiencing the same problem - Help anyone?

  • I'm experiencing the same problem - Help anyone?

  • no se conecta ares ,no se que le pasa

  • Im Already Have an Account and im Still Not Conected, you Know Why?

  • It shows that I am connected - even shows number of "users" for the song - but will not download - - what am I missing? There has to be a simple answer to this. Please help

  • not conected all time

  • Me too. I had a connection but would not download video, audio was ok. I deleted program and reloaded it I downloaded the key thingy, did all as di8rected and still will not connect!!