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#166 cant connect


I cant connect to ares. I worked yesterday morning and just stopped. I have uninstalled and re several times. any comments?


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    ares new version sucks, i cant connect neither, besides it takes too long to download files,and sometimes i have to leave my computer on the whole night, wuts wrong with ares?

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    i havent been able to connect since i installed it. :(

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    Ares wont connect on XP or Vista but new aresvista will but you cant download unless you pay for full version whats going on its a freeshare

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    me either for some reason Ares just stop connecting
    it simply say connecting all the time but it never connects
    wts going on Help HELP Please

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    installed and paid 2 weeks ago , cannot even use this site, whats up ?? Is this some kind of scam to get peoples money?? where do you go to get your money back, who do you contact?? I'm alittle upset!!!

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    i even paid for this software, when i installed it on my laptop, it says connecting but cant connect at i wasting my time or,can i fix it if it is a bug, i'm using vista,

  • Same here i cant connect

  • it does connect with xp. ive had xp for since i got this computer and ive used ares for 3 years. but today it stopped working. and so far ive found nowhere that offers assistance.

  • Ares is a free open source file sharing program : you don't need to pay for it...