vlc player

  • bill baker jr
    bill baker jr

    i have been using the ares for sometime now with no problems untill recently i
    have come across several things downloaded then it comes up at me as being drm
    file, i have been using the windows media player to play my files that i get
    from ares,NO PROBLEM.
    then about a month ago & again last night i downloaded 3 files all of them
    were drm,then i get redirected to getting the vlc media player which i have
    later found out its from here too.
    i installed the player what there flashey little add fails to mention it has
    the stuff to wacth where you go ,it dont matter if its shopping or what have
    you,you can uncheck these radio buttons & it still installs them,then it will
    change your seach engines to something called "babylon", i feel like its
    nobodys bussiness what you are doing except you.
    then it will also intstall a toolbar as well with a bunch of that junk that
    keeps up with you
    to make matters worse it ended up making my laptop malfuction & i still
    couldnt play the files, it would get into a file play about a second or 2 &
    then quit, no sound either.
    this morning my computer went totally haywire, so i removed all of it, i got
    several messages from "spybot" its full of that malicoius software.
    i had to use a software remover to force it to get out of my computer, which
    is now back to normal,i wouldnt advise using this stuff, i think this stuff is
    trouble looking for a place to land