downloads keep connecting and searching

  • spider

    hi , i was just wondering why when i try to download movies ect... , i find that if it is high availability ( roughly 3 stars and up ) , that most of the time it will just keep searching and connecting , and it seems that the users will start high (eg. 100 , and count down to 1 and then it will go back to searching. I tried a suggestion to download and install the older version of ares but it seems to have come with a virus. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


    • gRiMLiNk

      that worked for me too much quicker just download the patch

      ur welcome

    • Daz

      It will keep connecting & searching because of the anti p2p known as MediaDefender thats flooding Ares with fake files.
      The above link is to the official Ares P2P forum, its the homepage for Ares (unofficial) which fixes allot of things, including download problems.

    • axe9877

      I recently got back home from Calgary and wanted to get some new music. I tried to enter Ares and found that it was uninstalled. I installed it again (no trouble with the instalation), but I can't get any songs what so ever. Ever song is ither seaching or connecting then back to seaching and stays there. What happened to the older version that I was using? I never had one problem with it. Can you tell me what I can do to fix this problem?

    • Jeff Whittaker
      Jeff Whittaker

      I've had many screwed up nights figuring it out,the only thing that I found to correct it everytime is a file named evid4226patch223d-en at It's a solution for tcp/ip in winxp sp2. I used to only get 2-3 downloads at maybe 35kb/s but after running the patch and changing the value to 50 I can download 15+ files up to about 500+kb/s. Haven't had a problem since! Try it,it worked for me after trying every other thing I could think of.

  • moonbaby55

    explain this download you posted above. what is the process. i am a newbie and
    don't understand what i am to do

  • moonbaby55

    how do i check for mediadefender? i can't get a thing to download, but people
    can upload from me. i'm getting sick to death with ares. is there anything
    else out there that is easy to use?