UPLOADS: how many/what files did Ares upload?

ion ra
  • ion ra
    ion ra

    Hi everyone,
    I've been trying to figure out how to see how many files did Ares upload and which ones?
    The Upload window only shows what files are being currently uploaded, and as soon as they're finished it clears them from the window and only shows how much data (in KB) has been sent... I've been looking anywhere for a setting not to remove those files after they're uploaded, but no luck.
    Can anyone help?
    Thanks, it's appreciated!

    • Rich Haynes
      Rich Haynes

      there is no central record of uploads so what u want is not available. recording that information would require a massive log file and extra work for the program. the resources are better spent on downloading files and chat (if u use it). sorry if thats summit u didnt want to here but you will neva be able to record those details unless u can write a network packet analysis program. if u do then let me kno. if not ur wholey out of luck. hope tha helps (or prob doesnt help u) with ur query

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