connection problem, solution

  • Logics

    ares was working perfect on my computer i rebooted my computerit and deleted every thing .

    i reistaled ares and it woun't connect
    i went to control pannel and saw the dowload folder adress

    then i went there and i notice it wasn't there so i went to folder options,
    show hidden folders and at the moment i clicked apply ares connected
    i think ares can't conect because it cant read the files in the hidden folders. now it works

    i posted this already on the discussion thread but if it helps i'll post it here too

    • margoc

      I am Italian and you excuse if my English is not very correct and I has problems with ares l I have already installed more times but it doesn't work writing connection he/she remains always in progress I have also tried to open the doors on the modem but nothing to make writing connection he/she remains always me in progress I have tried to also install older versions of ares but nothing to make this problem of connection you has happened after having formatted the pc because first ares works very well always me and it is already more than 4 years that I am using himt Someone MI you can Help

    • Silvio José
      Silvio José

      I cannot solve it I do not understand very well what you said if you explain better will be brilliant

    • shifty cent
      shifty cent

      i also am having this problem i can't figure out what i am not doing can someone please help me

    • samantha B
      samantha B

      Thank you!!
      I tryed this and it works :D

  • Evlas

    This didn't work for me. I have the same issue. I bought a new computer.
    Installed Ares on it and now it won't connect. I set my folder setting so
    "show hidden files", I've made sure that the folder isn't read only, I've
    disabled both Windows Firewall and the Firewall on my router to see if that
    would help... nothing. Does anyone have an answer?