Busted by my ISP

  • krishtar

    Hi all!
    I got busted today by my ISP for downloading a movie off of Ares Galaxy. Never happened before and I've had the software for a year. The movie was "Notes on a Scandal" and my ISP is comcast.net. Be careful, all! Not sure how they found it, but I'm sure it was pretty easy for them. Anyone know anyway to "hide" your activity?


  • Anonymous

    Was someone uploading from you at the same time? This happened to someone I
    know who uses Verizon too. They had someone simultaneously uploading from them
    while they were downloading and thats when they got busted. They got a phone
    call from Verizon that told them to cease and desist or face prosecution. Dont
    know how to hide it tho.


  • Anonymous

    i have stumbled on something that might help you,i was downloading a torrent 1
    day this thing came up at me to down load it privately, so i thought what the
    heck, give it a try.
    its called privatize "vpn" i think i have it spelled right,i dont know what
    part of the world your from,(me us) when i started to use it ,my homepage is
    yahoo., it came up with it in either dutch or neterlands, i thought ok.,it
    works for now 1st time i have used it.
    you do need to keep a eye on it though, it will suddenly disconnect without
    just a thought