#212 Ares always needs to be launched as Administrator to connect



I've found in both, XP and Vista, that if you launch Ares as "restricted user" Ares never conects.

But if I launch it as Administrator, Ares conects in just a few seconds.

I use XP and Vista in the same way I use Linux: one administrator account and many regular (resctricted) user accounts.

Anything you need, just tell me.

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  • try to : copy your administrator's
    Local Settings\Application Data\Ares
    to user's Local Settings\Application Data\Ares

  • OK

    I'll try that.

    But, if it works, I think it mustn't be taken as a "solution". You shouldn't be coping folders from the Administrator folder to users folders.

    I think it's a big security issue. No regular program should need Administrator privileges.

    Besides, today every operating system is multi user. So, ARES should consider that Administrator will install it, but then many other regular users will use it (no the administrator). Even more: in Vista you can create the admin password and have disabled the administrator account, having only restricted accounts for users.

    Oh! I found that (maybe it's the same problem), if you install ARES with one user (let's call it "user1", with administrator privileges), when you try to use it with "user2" (who also has administrator privileges), ARES doesn't connect.

    Of course, I still think that ARES is a kick ass program.

    Best regards.

  • OK! [this introduction is in hindsight to my posting this comment]
    I will work on finding the right solution, because it is a problem that is irking me, and when I do solve this, I will be back to post it, unless someone else got to it first. But I have to say this because everyone should read it. Maybe not so much that my words are more important, but in regards to the general population and the "dumbing down of society" this is a concept to which everyone (from childhood) needs to be exposed. GOLDEN RULE: DO NOT USE AN ADMINISTRATOR ACCOUNT FOR (in all events don't ever use it for anything! the general public shouldn't even be allowed to, because it's those of us that understand this concept that suffer the most for it) ANYTHING OTHER THAN ADMINISTRATION OF YOUR SYSTEM! DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT EVER USE AN ADMINISTRATOR ACCOUNT TO BROWSE THE INTERNET OR ACCESS IT IN A SAFE AND CONTROLLED WAY (no web sites, no downloading files--with p2p or torrents). ESSENTIALLY YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE TO CONNECT TO THE INTERNET AT ALL WHEN USING AN ADMINISTRATOR, DOWNLOAD ANYTHING YOU NEED AT THE USER LEVEL, THEN CHANGE THE SYSTEM WITH THE FILES YOU DOWNLOADED (of course ideally you want them to be safe files in the first place). Like, say you want to install ares. In a user account, download the install files. 2.a) Then use the runas command to install it with administrator access, or 2.b) If that doesn't work, the very last thing you should try is log on as an administrator and install it. 3. Finally, log back in as a user, and use the program:ares that you've successfully installed.

    But its completely unsafe to use an administrator account to launch ares in the first place, or any browser for that matter. Windows tells you to have an administrator account but use a limited account for everyday use. This is because it's establishing this golden rule that you NEVER browse the internet from an administrator account.

    Here's why: when you are browsing, files are downloaded and scripts are being executed, (especially for a download program this rule then applies i.e. Ares), and if a file is opened and/or a script is run it is done so with the users permissions. This means that if you are using an administrator account, then the scripts and files are run with administrator permissions. This is the key reason you should not use an administrator account and the principle way in which a computer(user) gets a trojan (the main focus of windows help article) among many other nasty bugs and problems. Writing to or editing the registry is restricted to administrators : REGISTRY ERRORS. Trojans, keyloggers, viruses and spyware... they need administrator access to make them start up with the computer, to be written to the C: drive (usually your primary drive) or wherever your windows system files are located. I mean essentially the reason for all this nastiness with viruses and spyware is because people are browsing with administrator accounts. You want the C:/ level of your computer to have as few files and folders as possible and clutter free for the most basic sense of your computers health and efficiency. Write access is limited to administrator accounts for this area for a reason, think it through... Administrator access is bad! Use it only when you absolutely have to have it to do the one thing you need to. But in this case, you should probably do some research first to see why the thing you are doing requires administrator access in the first place. A COMPUTER WORKS FOR A USER! THAT IS WHAT YOU DO EVERYDAY IS ACT AS A USER: (USER LEVEL ACCOUNT). ADMINISTRATORS MAINTAIN THE SYSTEM FILES AND SET USER PERMISSIONS AND ACCESS LEVELS AND ALSO REPAIR ERRORS AND OTHER PROBLEMS THAT MAY ARISE. Think about it, is that what you do every time you use your computer? "Do I log on to my computer just to tweak the system and play with permissions and the command prompt just because I can and then have to fix all of these problems?" NO! YOU LOG ON TO GO TO YOUR [explitive] MYSPACE ACCOUNTS AND CHECK EMAILS AND READ BLOGS AND DOWNLOAD MUSIC AND STORE PICTURES YOU WILL NEVER LOOK AT AGAIN. DO YOU NEED ADMINISTRATOR ACCESS TO DO THIS? NO! A GUEST ACCOUNT COULD DO THE SAME [explitive] THING!!!
    That being the general jist of the idea, don't use an administrator account. FOR GODSSAKES PLEASE DON'T USE ARES WITH AN ADMINISTRATOR ACCOUNT!!! You have nobody but yourselves to blame when you get viruses and spyware and registry errors to boot if you do! And whatever you have to pay or whatever hassle it is for antivirus, antispiware, and registry repair software (which subsequently you should never use anyway---windows comes with an inherent program designed to assess and repair the registry---so cleaners are a scam) YOU DESERVE IT THOUGH, if you actually continue to give malicious people/software complete and full access and control of your computer!!! (Essentially, yeah I feel sorry for you because you didn't know, but you should have read the help sections, the user guides, the owners manuals, the warnings, the fine print, and learned a little bit about what you were doing and what you are using in the first place before using your computer in the beginning... so there's little remorse)