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New file release - 0.2.3

mod_chm is working at last :)

Change Log for 0.2.3

Bug fixes:

* Fixing caching bug (affects on mod_chm module)

Posted by Basil Shubin 2009-06-10

New file release - 0.2.2

arCHMage 0.2.2 this is minor bug fix release (mod_chm is working again).

Change Log for 0.2.2

Bug fixes:

* [SF #2802208] Garbled data attached to output

Posted by Basil Shubin 2009-06-08

New file release - 0.2.1

arCHMage 0.2.1

Bug fixes:

* HTMLDOC doesn't working with missing <H1>...</H1> tag

Posted by Basil Shubin 2009-05-23

New file release - 0.2

arCHMage 0.2

Changes/New features:

* CHM -> Single HTML conversion
* CHM -> PDF conversion
* CHM -> Plain Text conversion

* Changed option - 'dump' for dumping HTML data from CHM file into standard output.

* Huge code re-factoring and lot of small changes/fixes...

Bug fixes:

* [SF #1767529] IOError exception using CHM dump option
* [SF #1955872] import error
* [SF #1805070] TOC is broken after decompilation
* [SF #1767522] CHM -> single HTML conversion... read more

Posted by Basil Shubin 2009-04-24

Need a new maintainer and/or developer

Sorry, but I don't have enough free time and motivation to maintain/develop this project in a future.

Posted by Basil Shubin 2007-10-31

New file release - 0.1.9

Changes in this file release:

* New option - 'dump' for dumping HTML data from CHM file as plain text (using external tools: lynx or elinks)

Posted by Basil Shubin 2007-07-07

New file release - 0.1.9beta1

This first beta release before first stable release ;-)

* New command line options
* Various bug fixes and improvements

Posted by Basil Shubin 2007-06-17

Hire me for your Python jobs!

I am available as a freelance Python and wxPython developer.

Here is my resume and portfolio:

Contact me for details.

Posted by Basil Shubin 2007-01-19

New file release - 0.0.8

Hello everybody,

I am happy to announce new beta release - 0.0.8

This is bugfix release, so don't expect anything new :-)

Posted by Basil Shubin 2007-01-18

arCHMage is alive!

We introduce new release of arCHMage utility, new 0.0.7 version!

Posted by Basil Shubin 2006-03-08