This is the Styled HTML exporter for Archi.

Archi is at

This module uses a - possibly user defined - XML stylesheet to create a html report from the model.

Source: git://

unzip the zip in Archi's home. It will put a jar to the plugins directory.

Style directory:
A directory containing a file called style.xslt, and possibly other files (css, js, images) needed to render the report.
There is one style now, the default. It ocntains a single style.xslt, which have the same functionality as the html report function of Archi.
You can create your own, and if you submit it, I will include in subsequent releases.

Go to Edit/Preferences/Styled Export
You can deploy the shipped styles by clicking "Install provided styles" and choosing the target directory.
You can modify the stylesheet location by browsing the file style.xslt belonging to it. The stylesheet is checked for syntax both when choosing it and when you press Apply.
You can choose whether you want to be asked for the output directory (default is to be asked).
You can choose a default output directory for the case when you don't want to be asked every time.

File/Export/Model to Nice HTML

The output directory will contain
- everything which is in the directory containing style.xslt
- a file named model.archirich . It is mostly, but not entirely unlike a saved report (documentation tags are converted to html).
- a file named index.html: the result of applying style.xslt to model.archirich
- image files made from diagrams, named ID.png where ID is the object ID of diagrams

I welcome any feedback.