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#9 Should handle 30" (and larger) screens

v1.0 (example)
chuck remes

AquaTerm has two problems that are making me bonkers.

1. Due to hardcoded constraints in AQPlot.m, the max window width and height in 1000 pixels. This problem is easy to patch if you want to build your own version. (I have already done this successfully.)

2. Window resizing enforces the aspect ratio defined by the plot canvas. This one is *not* so easy to patch. I went through a bunch of attempts to make it so the window can be arbitrarily resized but I cannot get it to work. It enforces whatever aspect ratio was originally set in the canvas model. I *have* tried modifying the values in the canvas model but I must have missed something because it still doesn't work.

So here are my requests for the next release.

1. Update AQPlot.m so it can support larger plots. In a modern world with 30" (and larger) screens available, these old limits need to be raised (or made dynamic based on the current screen size).

2. Follow the Mac UI guidelines and make the aspect-ratio constraint work only when resizing while holding down SHIFT. Other kinds of resizes should not enforce the aspect ratio. (If I can figure out how to do this, I'll send in a patch.)


  • Mojca Miklavec
    Mojca Miklavec

    The first constraint should be fixed.