Ribmosaic Log

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[168527] (HEADmaster) by Chris Foster Chris Foster

Update rm_operator.py to latest blender API

Via anon patch, thanks for nfz for review.

2011-03-27 13:46:16 Tree
[29f8e1] by Jeff Doyle (nfz) Jeff Doyle (nfz) , pushed by Chris Foster Chris Foster

bl_info struture updated to conform to current Blender addons info

* IDProptertyGroup renamed to PropertyGroup
* PropertyGroups are now registered using bpy.utils.register_class

2011-02-27 13:59:07 Tree
[dfdd7c] by Paul Gregory Paul Gregory

Initial commit.

* This brings the current status of the RIB Mosaic project
(http://ribmosaic.sf.net) under the Aqsis umbrella.
* Eric says to check README.txt for an overview of the user
perspective, developer_docs/ribmosaic_internals.txt for an
architectural overview, and the source TODO comments for code

2010-12-07 21:32:52 Tree