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Aqsis Renderer release 0.9.1 Source, Windows binary, RPM

The long awaited release of 0.9.1 is now available for download. The source archive is ready, and the Win32 installer, along with the newly introduced 'developer' package is also available. MacOSX and Linux RPM's to follow shortly. Aqsis is a Renderman(tm) compliant 3D rendering toolkit. Aqsis is based on the Reyes rendering architecture. Features include : Programmable Shading True Displacements NURBS CSG Motion Blur Subdivision Surfaces

See the changelog accessible from the homepage for the (extensive!) list of changes.


There are some outstanding issues but I took the decision not to hold up this release any longer. I hope (yes I know I've said it before) to be able to release more frequently from now.

Thanks to all who have contributed.


Posted by Paul Gregory 2004-04-08