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[7fa9d0] (HEADmaster) by U-KHEPRI\pgregory U-KHEPRI\pgregory

Add accept shortcut and fix build issues on Win32.

* Add CTRL+Return as the shortcut key for "Accept".
* Remove the VERSION tag in lua, as it seems to add a '5' to the
output library name under Win32.

2010-01-12 13:50:04 Tree
[cd2231] by Paul Gregory Paul Gregory

New helper library for custom GL stuff.

* Move partial sphere code into native helper
* Add some code to the renderer to report the
number of Renderables processed.

2010-01-11 23:16:41 Tree
[d1e040] by U-KHEPRI\pgregory U-KHEPRI\pgregory

Various fixes to the rendering pipeline.

* These are preparations for a proper
caching system, to speed up more complex

2010-01-11 19:39:04 Tree
[3b748c] by U-KHEPRI\pgregory U-KHEPRI\pgregory

Override avars on create.

* Now that the data is separate from the
avar, we don't need to worry about looking
for existing ones, we can just override. Which
makes for easier handling of args, the new
args just get used to create a new avar, but
it still points to the same data in the esheet.

2010-01-08 15:51:00 Tree
[cfd0cd] by U-KHEPRI\pgregory U-KHEPRI\pgregory

Add basic bilinear patch support.

* Add bilinear drawing code to the GLRenderer.
* Enable the Patch renderop in RenderMan.

2010-01-08 15:50:31 Tree
[fab58d] by U-KHEPRI\pgregory U-KHEPRI\pgregory

Further work on bicubic patch support.

* Seems to work, defaults to bezier for u and v.
* Disable non-working debug information, need
to review how that all works in Lua.

2010-01-08 00:48:45 Tree
[0850e4] by U-KHEPRI\pgregory U-KHEPRI\pgregory

Start of work to get bicubic patch support.

2010-01-07 19:41:24 Tree
[92c4c3] by U-KHEPRI\pgregory U-KHEPRI\pgregory

Update build projects to build to a common location.

* All subprojects now build to the build/debug|release
folder, under Win32 and Posix, making the run config
easier, shouldn't need to worry about setting PATH
or LD_LIBRARY_PATH anymore.

2010-01-07 10:00:09 Tree
[07a636] by Paul Gregory Paul Gregory

Add default value support to avars.

* The avar constructor and matching function on Model
now takes an optional table of extra parameters, for
future expansion. Currently supported is 'default'
that specifies the value to use if there are no keyframes.

2010-01-06 21:50:41 Tree
[fb005d] by Paul Gregory Paul Gregory

Separate the keyframe data from the avars.

* Avars are now just named references into
a separate ExposureSheet, keeping the animation
data separate from the scene. This allows the
exposure sheet to be dealt with separately and
bound at a later time.

2010-01-06 00:03:27 Tree
[c6f23d] by U-KHEPRI\pgregory U-KHEPRI\pgregory

Add partial cylinder and disk support.

* Add custom functions to render RenderMan style
partial quadrics for Cylinder and Disk primitives.

2010-01-05 13:27:58 Tree
[76e9d7] by Paul Gregory Paul Gregory

Update parameter list handling.

* Now correctly handles an empty table.

2010-01-05 00:32:22 Tree
[4e89a6] by Paul Gregory Paul Gregory

Add Surface shader support.

* Basic Surface Renderable with parameterlist.

2010-01-05 00:31:54 Tree
[ee8e29] by Paul Gregory Paul Gregory

Update GL Renderer.

* change lightsource to be a slightly offset headlight.
* update sphere rendering to use adaptive precision based
on the phi and theta range.
* make all polygon rendering wireframe.

2010-01-05 00:21:58 Tree
[af5a88] by Paul Gregory Paul Gregory

Update highlighter Renderables list.

2010-01-05 00:20:43 Tree
[4596d7] by U-KHEPRI\pgregory U-KHEPRI\pgregory

Update RenderMan renderer to latest renderer API

2010-01-04 19:42:04 Tree
[581f18] by Paul Gregory Paul Gregory

Add partial sphere code to GLRenderer.

* Instead of using the built in quadric, use custom
code to draw the sphere, as it needs to be able
to draw partial spheres.

2010-01-03 23:37:45 Tree
[0140e6] by Paul Gregory Paul Gregory

Improve node location code.

* Now has /world as the root, so to find an absolute
node use "/world/<node_name>"
* Model.find is now a vararg function, allowing it to be called
as a member function, in which case the find can be relative.

2010-01-01 23:32:39 Tree
[500dd0] by Paul Gregory Paul Gregory

Various minor tweaks.

* Add a function to the matrix class to construct
a rotation matrix from an axis and angle. Use
it where appropriate.
* Add fixed lighting to the GL renderer, until I
get the proper lighting working.
* Add a 'find' method to Model to find a node given
a 'locator' which is a '/' separated tree specifier.

2009-12-30 23:09:10 Tree
[cda3a2] by Paul Gregory Paul Gregory

Complete moving all Lua data access to DataManger.

* Remove all external access to the Lua state to
helper functions on the DataManager. As yet unchanged
just moved verbatim to a central location. Needs
* Where appropriate, DataManager functions throw LuaError,
allowing the calling function to deal with errors

2009-12-23 23:32:43 Tree
[f5b0e9] by Paul Gregory Paul Gregory

Transfer mainwindow data handling to DataManager.

2009-12-23 00:14:00 Tree
[b227d6] by Paul Gregory Paul Gregory

Move all avarlist functionality into DataManager.

* No refactoring of functionality yet, just moved verbatim.

2009-12-22 22:58:10 Tree
[998a30] by Paul Gregory Paul Gregory

First steps to Lua data abstraction.

* Create a manager class (singleton) that will ultimately
be responsible for all access to the Lua data.
* Abstract away the keyframe access for avarlistitem.

2009-12-19 23:10:09 Tree
[9e4f0e] by Paul Gregory Paul Gregory

Fix local transforms problem with cameras.

* Filter the renderables rendered during Pass 2, to make sure
that the local transformations applied in the camera body
don't cancel out the intentional transformation applied
during Pass 1. This allows local transforms in the body of the
camera to move the camera within the coordinate space defined
by the camera transform.

2009-12-18 22:48:51 Tree
[a61395] by Paul Gregory Paul Gregory

Various fixes to recent refactor.

* Move 'aim' to Model, and change the generated transforms to
match, no longer inverts everything for cameras. This is
because cameras are now 'defined' in world space, and the
system takes care of adjusting it at render time.
* Fix serialisation of camera/model, now each one identifies itself
so it can be relinked into the system properly.
* Fix tabs in the LuaEditor.
* Clean up Camera model.
* Remove Cameras list from the tree view, now cameras are in the

2009-12-18 14:32:52 Tree
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