#387 missing "-frames f1 f2" functionality

Chris Foster
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Head/ does not have the functionality to render individual frames of an animation or has replaced it in a non-obvious way. The lack of this functionality makes distributed render managers, such as DrQueue which rely on the functionality to queue frames and re-queue failed frames in a predictable fashion, fail miserably.

While non-fatal, this shouldn't be considered a feature request because the feature was in 1.4.2 but was removed or lost somewhere.


  • Chris Foster
    Chris Foster

    Obviously we're aware of this issue, since the option is gone from the help text ;-)

    The reason that the -frames option has disappeared is that during the 1.5 development cycle the RIB parser was completely rewritten. The frames option was part of the old RIB parser, but and I chose not to include it in the new parser because it can be much more cleanly implemented as a RI filter, and we plan to add that functionality in the near future.

    Sorry if this causes inconvenience... I suspect we will be implementing the Rif interface - along with reinstating frame filtering - early in the 1.7 release cycle; hopefully fairly soon!


  • Chris Foster
    Chris Foster

    This bug has now been fixed in the trunk for a month or two! Happy rendering :)

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