#384 Reading an empty RIB produces a syntax error

Chris Foster
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Matthias Baas

If you try to read a RIB archive that is actually empty, Aqsis produces a syntax error:

09/20/2009 10:41:06 ERROR: syntax error at empty.rib line 1
09/20/2009 10:41:06 ERROR: Unrecognised RIB request at empty.rib line 1

The easiest way to reproduce this is just to create an empty file and try to render it which also shows the above error.
What I would have expected is that reading an empty file has no effect at all.

This is aqsis 1.4.2 (OSX).

PS: I have a deja-vu feeling filing this bug report, but I didn't see the issue mentioned among the bug reports, so I'm adding it now. My apologies if it's a duplicate.


  • Chris Foster
    Chris Foster

    I'm pretty sure this one is a new bug, thanks for the report Matthias. I'll look into fixing it; should be fairly easy I think.

  • Chris Foster
    Chris Foster

    Hmm, I can't reproduce this with the latest build, so I think it must be fixed with the new RIB parser (which has been completely rewritten during the 1.6 development cycle).

    Can you try out the latest please? I think Tobi may have fixed the problems with the OSX build now...


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