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aqmoney / News: Recent posts

Back Again ;-)

AqMoney is now back in its own package.
It supports all features of OpenHBCI.
You will need at least OpenHBCI 0.9beta1.

Posted by Martin Preuss 2002-08-03

Added complete apidoc

Added the complete documentation of the APIs of libchipcard, openhbci and libaqmoney. They are all linked together to form ONE big package. This makes browsing much easier.

Posted by Martin Preuss 2002-03-12

Aqmoney splitting

I have split AqMoney into two packages (the library is in one of them, programs are in to other one).

Posted by Martin Preuss 2002-03-12

dumping HTML pages

"dump" command can now output valid HTML 4.01 pages.

Posted by Martin Preuss 2002-02-11

CVS tree should compile now 4u

Hi, I added the missing parts so that now it should compile on other systems than mine, too.

Posted by Martin Preuss 2002-02-02

QMoney Rewritten

I just rewrote QMoney, the QT GUI part of the AqMoney package. The reason was that the old application in directory "qtapp" was too bad designed ;-)

Posted by Martin Preuss 2002-02-02

AqMoney works with real accounts

I just verified that AqMoney is now able to handle real accounts. This is due to improvements made to openHBCI.

Posted by Martin Preuss 2002-01-29