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More thoughts on features

Zephulor also needs a lot of personality touch-up.

Monsters need to react visually, firing needs to not just be a projectile leaving the monster, or player, but a full animation.

There needs to be an intro story as well.

Posted by mrhollow 2006-02-21

Adventures on Planet Zephulor needs love.

The game is fully playable, but it's not as polished as I would like, and needs to be bigger.

This project has been added to SourceForge -- after approx. 8 months of inactivity -- with the express purpose of extending, fixing legacy code, and giving the game a good shine.


* Re-write major "bad" portions of code. Primary objectives include: Smoother scrolling, more extensibility.
* New menu system, nice roll-over buttons.
* Add feature requests:
* Joystick support
* More power-ups!! (This one has been requested a lot)
* A difficulty setting (I'm really happy with how relaxed the gameplay is, I wanted it to be an exploration game; One of the biggest requests has been to make the game harder.)
* More levels. (I would like to triple the number of levels, and include at least two more bosses.)... read more

Posted by mrhollow 2006-01-17