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aptg / News: Recent posts

working on gpglib.php

I'm currently writing my own gpglib for PHP4, it is an interface to the normal gpg core program. And I'm searching for a decent method, storing passphrases readable only for aptg ;)

Posted by merlin 2003-06-08

broken files .. new ones are comeing

sry .. the last released files contain an old version ..

i will submit new now

Posted by merlin 2003-06-05

new betarelease 0.2.1

I fixed some bugs in the addressbok.
-now one can add comments into the configfile
-some format improvements

Posted by merlin 2003-06-05

new files beta 0.2.0

to enable a flexible configuration, a new configfile format was established with this version

Posted by merlin 2003-05-29

new release beta 0.1.4

added an addressbook!

Posted by merlin 2003-05-23

new files: 0.1.3-1 fixed 0.1.3

this mainly is a fix of the previous version, with some minor featureadds, and
some bugfixes

Posted by merlin 2003-05-16

0.1.3 betarelease

i fixed some issues leading to incorrect mimetypes and headers while sending
mails, now i'm going to do some research on how to integrate GPG into aptg

Posted by merlin 2003-05-13

new release 0.1.2

added the ability for mailbox creation and to delete them , the chance to move or copy mails to mailboxes was added too

Posted by merlin 2003-05-03

new files - relese 0.1.1

because of the rewrite of the sending sytem, there was the need to rewrite some other things, too. And now attachments can be removed and they are listed

Posted by merlin 2003-05-02

frist betarelease 0.1.0

I made the first betarelease, it is still buggie I know but that's the sence of a betarelease ;) I just wanted to show what was done, and that there is progress.
I added the ability to send attachements and made a complet rewrite of the sending procedures .. now you really need a mysql database because there I store tmp data

Posted by merlin 2003-04-30

new features

support for multipatmessages of the simple kind was added working on the complex form ;), images can be viewed ... more will follow

Posted by merlin 2003-04-26


i just started this project ..
i'll implement all essential functions and then start to abstract the project, so it can be easily configured and is not only usable on my server

Posted by merlin 2003-04-23