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AP Radar wireless client manager

AP Radar, a wireless client manager for linux/GTK+, has made a new release. Version 0.50, released January 10th, 2004, adds more robust wireless driver support, configuration options, and a better looking user interface.

AP Radar exists to make wireless networking easy to use. Its a wireless client manager with basic net-stumbling capability. Its written in C++ for linux 2.4/2.6 using the GTK+ toolkit. AP Radar uses the "wireless scanning" support included in wireless extensions for linux V14 (introduced in kernel 2.4.20). The airo and hostap drivers are known to work with wireless scanning. The orinoco driver needs a patch. To test your system for compatibility, run "iwlist eth1 scanning" where eth1 is your wireless interface. If you get information about an access point or even "no data returned", you can use AP Radar. If you get "Operation not supported", then the driver in use does not support wireless scanning. ... read more

Posted by Don Park 2004-01-12

apradar-0.43 released

fixed a bug in 0.42 where the app would not quit when the window was closed.
replaced xpm images with png images.

Posted by Don Park 2003-08-23

AP Radar 0.42 released

AP Radar has been tweaked and recompiled to use the GTK+2.2 library.

Posted by Don Park 2003-08-22

AP Radar 0.40 released

AP Radar is a Linux 2.5/GTK+ based graphical netstumbler. This project makes use of the version 14 wireless extensions in linux 2.4.20 and 2.5 to provide access point scanning capabilities for every model of wireless card. It is meant to replace the manual process of running iwconfig and dhcpcd. It will make reconfiguring for different APs quick and easy.

Version 0.40 adds a 'configure' script for people building from source, it will run 'pump' to do a DHCP request when you associate to an AP, and it shows the status of the IP address for the wireless interface.

Posted by Don Park 2002-11-10

AP Radar 0.28 released

AP Radar, a graphical netstumbler for Linux 2.5/GTK+, has reached version 0.28. Wireless scanning is functional, picking up managed mode and ad-hoc mode clients. Click on an ESSID and your wireless card is automatically configured to that node.

Posted by Don Park 2002-09-03

AP Radar Introduced

AP Radar was first introduced as a talk on June 26th 2002 at a <a href="http://www.personaltelco.net">
Personal Telco Project</a> meeting in Portland Oregon.

Posted by Don Park 2002-09-03