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Appupdater 0.5 Released


- Fixes for when unzipping files is required
- Now supports external command line metalink programs
- Added quick search option
- Full Vista support
- Added support for dependencies
- Added timeout for hung processes
- Reads upgrade tag from metalink file

Posted by nabber00 2007-06-24

Appupdater 0.4 Released

- added support to search .lnk files
- fixed --no-silent install bug
- support for remove option added
- now extracts some of the installed programs from the registry and Start Menu
- now automatically redownloads XML files if they cannot be parsed (are malformed)
- fixed bug where uninstaller does not remove the files from the Windows service
- version compare operation now handles single letters
- command line is vista compatible when run in administrator mode, service mode still needs testing

Posted by nabber00 2007-05-29

Appupdater 0.3 Released

A windows service is now included so that no user intervention is necessary to keep your software applications up to date!

Posted by nabber00 2007-04-01

Appupdater 0.2 Released

This is the initial release, give it a try! Keeping your windows system up to date can be as simple as:

appupdater --update
appupdater --upgrade

Posted by nabber00 2007-03-11