Appupdater 1.3 Released

IMPORTANT: You must either upgrade to 1.3 or newer OR download the 2010 key ( to your "keys" directory OR do a manual update (GUI: Download Apps List, Console: --update --force). Failure to do ONE of these by December 31, 2009 will cause you to stop receiving updates.

Version 1.3 CHANGELOG

- Automatic gpg key installation fix
- Faster search algorithm with threading
- Added tray icon
- Changed included key from 2009 to 2010
- Fix for loading configuration files
- Added more keyboard shortcuts to Qt GUI
- Upgraded GPG to 1.4.10b
- Patch for UTF coding
- Added icons and more options to Help Menu
- Added Menu icon to view Windows Service log file

Posted by nabber00 2009-10-14