Appupdater 1.1 Beta Released

I believe this release to be stable, but I'm calling it Beta just in case. I expect to release a stable version in a couple of weeks.

Version 1.1

- unicode not handling ~ characters properly
- Allow both --update and another command together for command line
- proper Vista UAC handling in GUI
- New installer code (portable mode)
- uses xml.parsers.expat for better memory usage (1/3), faster parsing
- better data structures (file metadata, URL metadata, metalink info)
- cancel enabled for long running processes
- added search to command line
- implement groups in XML
- implemented groups in command line
- install GPG registry-less when requested
- decodes PGP keys instead of just showing the URL
- daemon manages logfile size limit
- fixed why Windows service was crashing
- command line integration with CVE database
- download all, install all, buttons disabled when no updates available

Posted by nabber00 2009-02-09