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Ant Bryan


Opera has an update notifier, but not an automatic updater. Similar to staying up to date for Java security exploits, I think Appupdater could be a solution until Opera has their own like Firefox.


"I got blog tagged for Opera Watch's 5 things I'd like to see in Opera. Based on the title of that post, I think I'm supposed to write down 5 things that I'd like to see from Opera :-)

1. Automatic Software Update. As I said back in January, "there is no higher value we can offer to our users than to keep them safe on the web.... Opera Software should not ship another major release until they have a similar program in place." I'd be very curious to see what percentage of active Opera users are on the latest (and only secure) version. Firefox is able to update about 90% of its massive user base to the latest version in less than a week. Based on independent data, which our data corroborates, Firefox users are more up to date than users of any other web browser. The only way to achieve that kind of success is with an automatic software update system. Firefox does it. Safari does it. IE does it. There's really no excuse for Opera Software to continue to ship a browser without this important security feature."


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