Latest version of Adobe Reader not available?

  • rhitchcock

    I'm doing some more testing of Appupdater on a WinXP workstation.  I installed Adobe Reader 9.0 and scheduled Appupdater to run overnight.  It did, and updated Adobe Reader to 9.3.

    If I tell Adobe Reader to check for updates, it shows available ones: 9.3.1 from 2/16 and 9.3.2 from 4/13.

    However if I run Appupdater it says Adobe Reader is not in need of updating.  Is that because the repository changes have just not been made to Appupdater yet?  How soon does that normally occur after an application in the Appupdater list has a patch released?

    No complaints here if I just need to wait, I just want to make sure my Appupdater installation is working correctly.

    Thank you!

  • nabber00

    Yes that behavior is as expected.

    Last I checked, Adobe has changed their release method.  You can't actually just go and download a Reader 9.3.2 installer.  You download 9.3 from their website.  Then their update mechanism handles the downloading of a patch to that to upgrade you to 9.3.2.  Appupdater technically has the capability to do that (dependency support) but it is not thoroughly tested and actually I think in the case it might break things considering upgrading 9.3 to 9.3.2 makes 9.3 go away so you would have an infinite loop.  I guess I could make a package such that to install 9.3.2 it always downloads the 9.3 installer and then applies the patch to 9.3.2.

    So either 1) enough people want me to apply the patches somehow through Appupdater or 2) Adobe changes its release method or 3) someone can point me to full installers for 9.3.x and this will go away.

    As for updates, I do them about once a month, so usually you'll see an update within a couple of weeks of publication.  If I've missed something or there is a particularly nasty security vulnerability on something just make or file bug and I usually get on it within a couple of days.