SUMo (Software Updates Monitoring)

Ant Bryan
  • Ant Bryan
    Ant Bryan

    just saw this. from the reviews, it doesn't sound very good.

    SUMo (Software Updates Monitoring) detects applications you are using and tracks updates. If a new version is detected, you'll be notified by SUMo. It relies a social networking as its database is populated by the other users. By using up-to-date software you'll reduce the risk of encountering bugs and will benefit from more features.

    • nabber00

      Interesting, but from a technical standpoint its not very impressive, mostly because:

      "Works with any executable that has "version info" set by its developper (almost all exacutable have this info)"

      This means many applications (especially those that are open source) might not be able to be monitored with this program.  One good example is Python.  Appupdater does not have this limitation.

      How it works:
      1. Scans directories specified.
      2. Extracts name/publisher/version info embedded in the .exe file.
      3. Bounces name/publisher/version found against its server, returns the most current version of the program.
      4. If the two versions don't match, it tells you so.
      5. (This is just a guess) if name/publisher/version combo isn't in the server's database yet, it is added, maybe after X number of users submit it.

      Also worth noting that Appupdater also performs step 5 if reporting is turned on, but it is a manual process for quality control.