#4 AUR search bug


Appset stopped displaying reasult when I search for packages in AUR.


  • Ristridin

    I have the same problem.

    packer is installed and working correctly (in fact, I used packer to install AppSet).
    Clicking the 'List Installed' button lists all my AUR installed packages.

    Steps to reproduce:

    - selec AUR tab
    - enter search term in search bar for a package you know exists in the AUR e.g. appset or appset-qt
    - press enter or click the search button

    - 'Searching...' appears for a second, then disappears
    - blank search results pane
    - no errors

  • Simone Tobia
    Simone Tobia

    thanks to switch here this discussion.
    I've tried again your steps but still can't reproduce the bug. Here a screenshot with the svn version:

    However, I've found a possible coding error already solved with the upcoming 0.6 release.
    In short, the engine was using the english translation of the backend imposing env var LANG=en instead of LANG=C. I don't know if this is really your problem, I doubt it.
    In the meantime, can you tell me the output of "locale -a"?
    Only an attempt, for now I do not know what else to try...

  • Simone Tobia
    Simone Tobia

    • status: open --> open-works-for-me
  • gobonja

    This is what I get when type in APPS.

  • Simone Tobia
    Simone Tobia

    mmm, seems bad packer output, can you please post here the output of this command:
    LANG=C packer -Ss --auronly apps
    and of this one:
    LANG=C packer -Si --auronly appset-qt


  • LANG=C packer -Ss --auronly apps
    aur/phat 0.4.1-4
    A collection of GTK+ widgets geared toward pro-audio apps.
    aur/oss2jack 0.25-7
    Routes /dev/dsp to Jack enabling TeamSpeak and other OSS-only mmap apps to work.
    aur/ipodslave 0.8-1
    Enables KIO aware apps to access the music stored on an ipod
    aur/mutt-utils 1-4
    A bunch of scripts and config files to coordinate mutt with external apps
    aur/kde-personal-wiki 0.0.1-1
    This is a Wiki engine for KDE, made for only personal use. Consider it a replacemente of KNotes and such apps.
    aur/pywmdockapps 1.21-2
    A library that makes it possible to write WindowMaker dockapps in Python.
    aur/gkrellmlaunch 0.5-5
    A GKrellM plugin to add quicklaunch tabs for your favorite apps
    aur/sms-pl 2.1.0-1
    Sms-pl is a apps for sending SMS messages to Polish mobile phone operator (Era, Plus, Orange, Heyah)
    aur/xfce4-wmdock-plugin 0.3.2-1
    The WMdock plugin is a compatibility layer for running WindowMaker dockapps on the XFCE desktop. It integrates the dockapps into a panel, closely resembling the look and feel of the WindowMaker dock or clip, respectively.
    aur/fluxbox-git 20091012-1
    Lightweight stacking WM with tabbing, dockapps, etc. (Dev version)
    aur/pykdeextensions 0.4.0-1
    A collection of software and Python packages to support creation/install of KDE apps
    aur/ax25-apps 0.0.8_rc2-2
    Programs for the hamradio protocol AX.25 that would be used by normal users
    aur/haskell-happs-util 0.9.3-4
    Web framework
    aur/wiiload 0.5-1
    Load homebrew apps over the network to your Wii
    aur/tablet-apps 0.3.1-3
    Gnome panel and control center applets to configure and monitor graphics tablet devices.
    aur/haskell-happs-data 0.9.3-4
    HAppS data manipulation libraries
    aur/haskell-happs-state 0.9.3-4
    Event-based distributed state.
    aur/haskell-happs-ixset 0.9.3-4
    Web framework
    Web related tools and services.
    aur/happs-tutorial 0.9.5-2
    A Happstack Tutorial that is its own web 2.0-type demo.
    aur/perl-cgi-application 4.31-1
    Framework for building reusable web-apps
    Wiki using happstack, git or darcs, and pandoc.
    aur/haskell-happshelpers 0.11-3
    OBSOLETE. Please use happstack-helpers
    aur/trm 0.2.1-2
    Allows multimedia apps to lookup ID3 tags from the Internet.
    aur/wmdocklib 1.21-2
    Library for windowmaker dockapps using python.
    Web framework
    Happstack data manipulation libraries
    Web related tools and services.
    Efficient relational queries on Haskell sets.
    Event-based distributed state.
    aur/haskell-happstack-helpers 0.52-3
    Convenience functions for Happstack.
    The haskell application server stack + code generation
    aur/wine64-git 20090723-1
    Interpreter for the Winidows APIs with 64bit patch (Only 64bit windows apps supported)
    aur/kipi-plugins-slim 0.3.0-1
    kipi plugins for digikam-slim and kde apps
    aur/kcmshell3 3.5.10-4
    kcmshell3 libraries, for configuration of KDE3 apps under KDE4 environment
    aur/librgba-gtk-module 0.2-1
    Gtk+ module to activate RGBA in GTK apps.
    aur/perl-app-cmd 0.311-1
    write command line apps with less suffering
    aur/cmockery 0.1.2-1
    Lightweight library to simplify and generalize writing unit tests for C apps
    aur/oxygen-molecule-theme 3.2-1
    A KDE4 Oxygen theme for GTK+ apps.
    aur/haskell-happstack-fastcgi 0.1.4-4
    Happstack extension for use with FastCGI.
    aur/haskell-hack-handler-happstack 2009.12.20-4
    Hack Happstack server handler
    aur/wakoopa 1.1.1-0
    The Wakoopa tracker tracks what (web) apps you use.
    aur/haskell-redhandlers 0.1-4
    Monadic HTTP request handlers combinators to build a standalone web apps.
    aur/haskell-hack-frontend-happstack 2009.6.24.1-4
    aur/defora-libsystem 0.1.4-1
    The common lib to all Defora apps
    aur/vdr-plugin-sc-hg 560-1
    A sc plugin for archvdr project (http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/archvdr/wiki/ArchVDR)
    aur/fluxbox-git-32trans 20101009-1
    *box stacking WM with tabbing, dockapps, etc. (Dev version, 32-bit transparency)
    aur/plan9us-hg 3169-2
    Plan 9 from User Space, aka plan9port, apps and services from Plan 9 on Unix-like systems
    aur/quickly 0.2.6-1
    A framework for building pygtk apps quickly
    aur/archmobile-dev 2009.12-1
    Environment for developing/compiling apps for archmobile.
    aur/safauri 20100203-2
    Hunt down those wild new apps. Returns the most recently added AUR packages.
    aur/sandfox 1.0.9-1
    Runs Firefox and other apps in a sandbox with limited access to the filesystem
    aur/django-environment-svn 44-1
    A system to provide environment variables to django apps, SVN version.
    aur/ruby-mongrel 1.1.5-4
    A small fast HTTP library and server that runs Rails, Camping, Nitro and Iowa apps.
    aur/ruby1.8-mongrel 1.1.6-1
    A small fast HTTP library and server that runs Rails, Camping, Nitro and Iowa apps.
    aur/clalsadrv-apps 2.0.0-1
    An alsa loopback and alsa latency testing app.
    aur/pypake-bzr 25-1
    The simple utility for automating tasks like building apps and different bundles, removing temporary files, migrating databases and other stuff.
    aur/defora-libdesktop 0.0.2-1
    The common lib to all Defora desktop apps
    aur/django-app-plugins 0.1.1-1
    Allow 3rd party apps to dynamically insert template inclusions into your apps at pre-defined plugin points. Similar to how Eclipse manages plugins via contributors.
    aur/django-signals-ahoy 0.1-2
    Provides an extended set of signals for use by Django apps.
    aur/django-threaded-multihost 1.3-1
    Provides an extended set of signals for use by Django apps.
    aur/obapps 0.1.7-2
    A graphical tool for configuring application settings in Openbox
    aur/winegame-git 20100807-2
    Simple front-end for wine, that providing an easy way for installing your favorite Windows apps in Linux!
    aur/haskell-hledger-lib 0.14-1
    Reusable types and utilities for the hledger accounting tool and financial apps in general.
    aur/dojox 1.5.0-1
    Inventive & innovative code and widgets. Visualize your data with grids and charts. Take your apps offline. Cross-browser vector drawing.
    aur/ruby-rack-test 0.5.7-1
    Is a small, simple testing API for Rack apps.
    aur/screenhop 0.1-2
    GTK Module for moving GTK apps between X screens
    aur/ruby-heroku 2.2.8-1
    Deploy apps to Heroku from the command line
    aur/django-keyedcache-hg 11-1
    Speedy way to manage caching in Django apps.
    aur/appset-qt 0.6.0pre-1
    An advanced and feature rich Package Manager Frontend
    aur/disablegss 20061026-2
    Disable gnome-screensaver when specific apps are running
    aur/chakra-gtk-config 1.5-1
    Chakra Gtk Config it is a KCM for set the look&feel of your Gtk apps using the KDE systemsettings. written from scratch in Qt, you can set the widget, the icon themes and the font family.
    aur/faelementary-icon-theme 0.10-1
    Faelementary Icon theme (Elementary feel, Faenza apps)
    aur/django-authopenid-hg 168-1
    authenticate your users with OpenID in Django apps
    aur/ruby-escape_utils 0.2.3-1
    Faster string escaping routines for your web apps
    aur/pywinery 0.1.12-1
    Graphical and simple wine-prefix manager which allows you to launch apps and manage configuration of separate prefixes.

    LANG=C packer -Si --auronly appset-qt
    Repository : aur
    Name : appset-qt
    Version : 0.6.0pre-1
    URL : http://appset.sourceforge.net/
    Licenses : GPL2
    Groups : None
    Provides : None
    Depends On : qt>=4.7
    Make Depends :
    Optional Deps : packer: for AUR support
    Conflicts With : None
    Replaces : None
    Architecture : i686 x86_64
    Description : An advanced and feature rich Package Manager Frontend

  • gobonja

    I posted this last post.

  • gobonja

    Found what causes the problem. I uninstalled PACMAN-COLOR and it's working now.

  • Simone Tobia
    Simone Tobia

    @gobonja: ok, thanks
    @ristridin: have you solved so I can close this bug?

  • Simone Tobia
    Simone Tobia

    • status: open-works-for-me --> pending-works-for-me
  • Ristridin

    I also had pacman-color installed. Removing it indeed solved the problem, so you can close this bug.

    I'm gonna have to open a new bug though regarding the AUR search failing when pacman-color is installed as I would like to have pacman-color installed. Moreover, appset should work even when pacman-color is installed,

  • Ristridin

    • status: pending-works-for-me --> open-works-for-me
  • Simone Tobia
    Simone Tobia

    • status: open-works-for-me --> closed-works-for-me